is used internally by DKIA products and others. Hosted by

Based on sf_server by Simon Laburda is storing data on servers in the European Union and is accessed by users in the EU as well.

Using content stored in

Websites you are visiting might load ressources from for improved speed and caching. uses the following policy for logging this traffic: This means no personal data about you is stored on our servers, just by using data from this service.

Storing content in

If you are using in your application to store data, the following rules apply:

Removing content from is a generic file hosting service, typically used to serve assets to websites or E-Mails. Personal data as well as not properly licensed copyrighted material should not appear on
If you want to file a complaint about a document stored on this server, please send an E-Mail to office [at] . Please include the link of the file on, as well as where the file is referenced - for example the website which references the asset on If possible, attach a screenshot as well.

Last update: 2018-06-01